Frequently Asked Questions

What time is check-out?2018-06-18T12:31:20+00:00

Check-out is 11AM for all cabins, cottages, and campsites.

What time is check-in?2018-06-18T12:31:00+00:00

Cabins/Cottages – 3:00PM (May be ready earlier)
Campsites – 11:00AM
Office Hours 9AM to 9PM

Do you have a pool?2018-06-18T12:30:39+00:00

We do not have a pool but there are some local pools open to the public. There are also plenty of ponds, and ocean and bay beaches for swimming.

Do you have to pay for the beaches?2018-06-18T12:30:21+00:00

Yes, you must pay for parking at all of the area beaches. The only free beach in the area is Mayo beach, located in the center of Wellfleet, across the street from the Bookstore and Restaurant. If you ride your bike, it’s free to get into any of the beaches.

Wellfleet Beaches
$20.00 per day @ White Crest & Cahoon Hollow. (If you park at the Beach Comber at Cahoon Hollow beach, it’s $20, but you get your money back in a food voucher that can be used to buy lunch. So, if you’re planning on eating anyway, it’s like parking for free!)
3 day pass for $40.00 for Wellfleet Beaches sold at Maurice’s office 1 week pass for $75.00 for Wellfleet Beaches sold at Maurice’s office.
2 week and season passes sold at Wellfleet Beach Sticker House. 508-349-9818.

National Seashore
$15.00 per day — pay at the beach
$45.00 season pass — buy @ beach
It’s also free to park after 5pm at most beaches.

Which is the best beach?2018-06-18T12:25:29+00:00

All of the ocean beaches are along the same stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. Marconi, Nauset Light, and Coast Guard are National Seashore Beaches. Maguire’s Landing (LeConte Hollow), White Crest, Cahoon Hollow, and Newcomb Hollow are Wellfleet Beaches.

You can surf at Coast Guard and White Crest Beach. The Beachcomber, a restaurant and bar, is located on Cahoon Hollow Beach. Marconi has the largest parking lot. There are also several bay beaches, like First Encounter Beach in Eastham and Sunken Meadow Beach in Wellfleet.

The Ocean beaches tend to have colder water and bigger waves, while the bay beaches have warmer and calmer water. If you like hunting for sea creatures, like hermit crabs, then your best bet is to head to a bay beach while the tide is going out, but if you like to play in the waves, an ocean beach is the way to go! Try them all and tell us your favorite!

Does Maurice’s allow pets?2018-06-18T12:24:55+00:00

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Do you have Wi-Fi Access?2018-06-18T12:24:37+00:00

We do have Wi-Fi internet access on the property at designated “hot spots”. Also the Wellfleet and Eastham town libraries both have free Wi-Fi internet access available to the public. Willy’s Gym also has Wi-Fi internet access.

If I’m staying in a cabin, what should I bring?2018-06-18T12:24:18+00:00

If you’re staying in a cabin, you will want to bring plenty of beach towels. We supply fresh towels daily, as well as sheets, blankets, and pillows.

If I’m staying in a cottage, what should I bring?2018-06-18T12:23:57+00:00

You will need to bring your own sheets and towels. We will supply blankets, pillows, bed pads, basic kitchen accessories such as utensils, bowls, cups, plates, pots, and pans, as well as a coffee pot, toaster, salt/pepper, dish towels, and pot holders.

What is the difference between a cabin and a cottage?2018-06-18T12:23:39+00:00

A cottage has a galley kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom with either one queen bed or two twin beds, and a living area with a couch that pulls out into a double bed. You supply your own sheets and towels. A cabin has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a small refrigerator. We supply linens, towels, and maid service. Both the cabins and the cottages have cable television, a picnic table, and an air conditioner.

Does Maurice’s Campground allow fires?2018-06-18T12:23:17+00:00

Campfires are not allowed. You can bring a charcoal, propane, or hibachi grill. You can also get a permit from either the National Seashore (free) or the Wellfleet Beach Sticker House ($5.00–located at the Town Pier) to have a beach fire at one of the many beautiful beaches!

Do you rent bicycles?2018-06-18T12:21:37+00:00

No, but there are bicycle rental places near by. Idle Times and Little Capistrano are located just minutes from Maurice’s Campground.

Where does the bicycle trail go?2018-06-18T12:19:59+00:00

It runs from LeCount Hollow Road in Wellfleet to Dennis. It is 28 miles long in total.

Can I walk to the beach?2018-06-18T12:19:40+00:00

It’s a 2.5 mile walk to the beach. And don’t forget, you have to come back! We recommend that you drive or ride your bicycle to the beach.

Do you have laundry services available?2018-06-18T11:10:13+00:00

We do not have a laundry on site. There is, however a laundromat in Orleans, about 15 – 20 minutes away.

Do you have “quiet hours”?2018-06-18T11:09:51+00:00

Quiet hours are strictly enforced between the hours of 10PM and 7:30AM by our night watchman.

Do you take one-night reservations?2018-06-18T11:09:28+00:00

We require a 2-night minimum on all reservations. You can always call ahead to check our availability and we are happy to accept one night walk-ins on a first come first serve basis.

What is your policy regarding late arrivals?2018-06-18T11:09:07+00:00

Our office is open until 9PM every day. Please plan to set up before 9:15pm in fairness to campers who are already settled.

What is the maximum number of adults allowed per site?2018-06-18T11:08:43+00:00

We allow up to 4 adults per site. If your party is greater than 4 adults, you will have to rent additional sites.

How far is it to the beach?2018-06-18T11:08:18+00:00

The beaches are approximately 2.5 miles away. Marconi Beach and Nauset Light Beach are the closest beaches to Maurice’s Campground and are easily accessible from the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

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